Shannon Whren is a writer, director, producer and activist. She has been skillfully writing phenomenal stage plays for more than a decade. She has studied under the direction of Steve Dory, attending several of Steve’s writing workshops and classes. Ms. Whren has been fortunate to work with a number of respected church congregations by assisting with their drama departments. She has served as the writer and director for a number of stage plays performed by local churches.

Throughout her career, Ms. Whren has set herself to become one of the best female, urban theatre playwrights to grace the entertainment industry. She established Shannon Whren Productions, (SWP) a/k/a Saved By Grace Productions, (SBG) in 2004, which was a phenomenal milestone. Ms. Whren served as the visionary for the company, as well as the chief writer for every production that SWP/SBG Productions produced. She is now the proud owner of Shannon Whren Enterprises Inc., a non-profit entity, established in November of 2014. This entity is now the umbrella under which SWP and SBG operate. Shannon Whren Enterprises Inc. serves domestic violence victims and their families’ immediate needs. Oftentimes, victims who flee their domestic violence situations, do so, without the basic essentials to assist them in moving forward. This is where we, at Shannon Whren Enterprises Inc., step in to help. This organization bridges the gap for victims who lack resources and who choose to move forward despite their circumstances. Ms. Whren’s personal triumph over domestic violence drives her, through her organization Shannon Whren Enterprises Inc., to provide the resources and assistance victims need.To assist with community outreach, she has written twenty-five stage plays, fifteen of which have gone into full production. Over the course of her career, Ms. Whren has managed to stay true to her craft as a writer and producer of stage-plays. Her commitment in these areas has provided a platform to up and coming actors in the Washington, D.C. area, and surrounding counties to debut their talents.

Additionally, Ms. Whren’s hard work and diligence have afforded her continuous support from the community at large, while providing her opportunities to assist families affected by domestic violence year-round. The genuine spirit of giving that Ms. Whren possesses, prompted her to launch “Toyland” in December 2012 and 2013. Toyland is an event geared toward families affected by domestic violence, which concentrates on making the children of such families’ dreams come to life during the Christmas season. This initiative has allowed her organization to collect and distribute toys to children affected by domestic violence. Ms. Whren, along with friend Stephen Jefferson, personally delivered toys on Christmas Eve, 2013 to ensure that all of the children on the list received toys. Similarly, she has donated toys and food to New Horizon and New Endeavors shelters in the Washington, D.C. area. Shannon Whren has not only committed herself to making a difference by giving tangibly, but she has spoken to congregations at numerous churches as well. Those churches include, but are not limited to: First Baptist Church of Minnesota Ave.; Pastor Brooks, Greater Mount Calvary Baptist Church; Campbell AME; Pastor Coley, and First Baptist Church of Capitol Heights; Pastor Dugger. She has also spoken to youth sports groups including the P.G. Chargers and the P.G. Storm. In addition, she has been a guest-speaker at numerous domestic violence shelters and domestic violence symposiums. One of her greatest accomplishments was being asked to serve as guest panelist for the Behind Closed Doors domestic violence initiative alongside Iyanla Vanzant in October 2014. WHUR 96.3 sponsored the event. Ms. Whren also served as the liaison over her former church’s Drama Department. During her tenure in that position, she began with only two volunteers to assist her in this area. Within two months, this department grew to a team of twenty-five. “She has the goods,” as her former Pastor would say. She went on to put on some of the largest, sold-out productions the church had ever seen. Ms. Whren continued to do so for 13 years, until her time was done. She moved on after accepting another position in her present church, Spirit of Faith Christian Center’s Drama Department. Here, she served as Director and Writer for one year, but had to lessen her role in this area due to the overwhelming demand for her stage play, “A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing.”

Ms. Whren has been featured in The Gazette Magazine, The Missing Piece, (digital media), The Informer, and Tahari Magazine, (digital media) a local magazine in the DMV area. She has been a guest on Great Day Washington, Channel 9 News, and Focus on the Family, a talk show for relationships. She has also been on several local radio shows including WLVS, Heaven 1580, 104.2, with host Dr. Charlene Monk, Str8talknochaserradio, WHUR with Trecina Grey, WHUR World's Sighlent Storm with Mandel Birks and Denise McCain and WYCB with host Winston Channey, to name a few. In 2006-07, Ms. Whren served as writer and director of “The Amazing Gift,” a Christmas production at Spirit of Faith, which was recorded on DVD, and was sold in local church bookstores. Ms. Whren exceeded her Pastors’ expectations. Barrier breaker is the name given to her by many of her followers. Shannon Whren Enterprises Inc. has become a household name in local communities and churches alike.

Ms. Whren has created yet another avenue to get the word out about domestic violence. She is now an advocate/activist for Domestic Violence. As a domestic violence survivor, Ms. Whren has compassion for women and their children dealing with domestic abuse. As such, she has endeavored to reveal and silence no more, this widespread epidemic that exists, even in the church. To this end, she has written another phenomenal stage play entitled, “Bound and Gagged,” bound by fear, gagged by love. “Bound and Gagged” hit the stage for its first fundraising gala in October 2012. Ms. Whren wrote the lyrics to the “Bound and Gagged” theme song which was released in December 2014. As she continues to embark on greater works, she is committed to bringing solutions to the problem of domestic violence and excellence to the world of theater.

Shannon Whren now pushes others to support her non-profit, Shannon Whren Enterprises Inc., which is committed to helping women and their children move beyond the abuse that they have experienced. Meeting the families’ total needs are the mission of Shannon Whren Enterprises Inc. Whatever the needs may be, we want the resources to supply the needs for our families in the community who have lost their way in dealing with abuse.  Together, we can make a difference in the lives of others. Remembering that knowledge is power, when properly used, Ms. Whren   is committed to standing firm against domestic violence.



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